What NOT to do when trying to save money on your special day?

So you want to save money on your wedding? Thats great. Do it. By all means, do it. But please do not save money by doing the work your self or having your family do the work for you. This is something that you and they will end up regretting latter on. 

This is like saying I want to go out to a restaurant with your loved ones. Then get everyone accommodated and then you or some of your family members go strait to the kitchen to start working on the food for everyone. You would not do that. Why would you do it on your special day. Why would you think this could be a great idea? 

The same could be said about the decorations, the set up, the centerpieces, and table set up. Why would you prefer to be working or have your loved ones working on getting things ready instead of enjoying the day fully by your side, getting ready, creating memories. What is it more worth it for you. Having the time to talk to your mother, father or grandparents while you and them are getting ready for your special day. After all, this day will not come back. Just imagen all you can enjoy by having them close to you as the excitement builds up and the moment becomes ever more real. Who would you like to have at your side at that time and who would you have slaving away, stressed out about getting all the details right and over seeing preparations? 

We meet lots of people daily. Many have hosted their special events already. Some come to plan their second or third event with us. The first thing they tell us is that they want a package where everything is included. They all tell us their stories. How they regret putting such a burden on themselves and their loved ones. Most of this stories are mainly about how tired, stressed and how fast their day went by and they did not get a chance to enjoy the way they wish they had. Less than half of them say they saved a few dollars but most admit they spent about the same if not more by doing the deed themselves and now they just want someone else to take the load off of them. 

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